Cargo Insurance

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Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance covers physical damage to or loss of your goods whilst in transit by land, sea and air and offers considerable opportunities and cost advantages if managed correctly.

Sometimes in our industry things can go wrong. This is very rare for us at Safeway Shipping, but admittedly it can happen.
Cargo can be handled many times on its journey to destination. People make mistakes or mechanics can fail. Every time the shipment moves on a new leg of the journey there is a risk, not to mention problems with weather, storms at sea and more.

To this end our customers often ask for complete piece of mind. Through our regulated partners we deliver a high quality product which gives customers the assurance that their cargo is safely insured against partial or complete loss.

In an uncertain world sometimes you just need to know you’re covered.

Marine Insurance services include:

  • Flexible & affordable policies
  • Cargo Insurance across all modes of transport
  • Freight Insurance for all types of cargo
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Competitive premiums

Whether the need is for Freight Insurance or Moving Insurance, we provide a simple and effective means to generate insurance rate quotes, book insurance, deliver cargo insurance certificates and handle insurance claims

• Great Rates
• Comprehensive Coverage
• Get it right, on time
• Confidence
• Ease – we do all the work for you