Air and Ocean transportation are key components of any supply chain. No matter how good any of the other services are, the whole point is to move your freight from origin to destination intact by the most economical and reliable means, within the required timeframe.

International Transportation is a complex process demanding a full understanding of the language, regulatory and documentation requirements of many governmental agencies throughout the world.
Safeway Shipping will save you time through our vast experience. We handle shipments of every type: by road, air, ocean and rail. We have set ourselves apart from our competition by offering flexible, dependable services at competitive rates – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Put simply, we ship the smartest way on your behalf.
We make it as easy as possible to contact us whether for advice, information or a full quotation.

Is your customer waiting for the delivery and you as the merchant are not able to find space for the shipment of your goods? When such an emergency arises we at SSCS enable you to find the most reliable mode for moving the freight.
We specialize in satisfying last minute freight shipping. With no additional cost to the shipper, you can take advantage of a secure and safe route of moving goods through Our Company.

We have been especially selective in establishing an agency network overseas which is complemented by many of our own offices which we have opened in Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria. We are small enough to treat each and every shipment as our top priority but large enough to handle any shipping need presented to us.